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Why Choose Nice Painting?

Nice Painting is a house painting company in Singapore & we have many years of experience in painting all types of houses from HDB to Condo to Landed Properties.
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8788 2509

What Is The Cost To Paint a Full House?

Nice Painting charges starts from $388 for our house painting services. We offer transparent fees and cover the full paint service for your home. Therefore, we will be able to deliver a great workmanship experience to you. You can call us at 8788 2509 and find out on the latest price promotions.

How Long to Complete a Full House Painting?

It really depends on the sizes of your house, some of the painting works can complete in a few hours, some of the painting works will need 2 days & landed house painting could be 1 to 2 weeks.
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8788 2509

Repainting Service or Full Painting Services?

Repainting services can save you cost, but also depends on your house colour & the damage on your wall or ceiling. Otherwise, you might need to do a full house painting.
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8788 2509

How Many Colors Is Ideal For A House?

It will be depending on your requirement, we do not restrict the number of colors to choose from. However, if you have your own idea of how you want the house to look like. At Nice Painting, we will not restrict the amount of colors you choose, of course you might have to adjust your budget a little.

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Can Painter Help To Fix Cracks or Uneven Wall?

Yes, we do fix the following issues but we will have to first evaluate on the condition of your Wall & Ceiling first. In most cases, fixing may cost more compared if you just get your house repainted.
Therefore, it is best to avoid vendors who claim to provide cheap house painting services.
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